The Lower Parts that you choose are some of what makes your AR customized the way you want it. You can customize your AR for the look you want and the function for the task at hand. This includes the easiest way to improve your accuracy with a Drop in Trigger which improves Trigger control. Choose a colored Ami Safety Selector for easy identification between your 300 Blackout or 223/5.56 etc. This will help avoid a possible catastrophe. You don’t want to mix up your Ammo with the wrong Firearm. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say. You can do the same thing by choosing your color of a extended magazine release or colored trigger guard. We have them here in the Small Lower Parts Section. All are made in the USA.

Choosing a comfortable Stock that fits you and feels right for your shooting type is important for repeated accuracy. There are many choices to choose from in the Stock section.  You also will want the right grip that fits well in your hand. If you want to reduce recoil and spring noise you can get a Stealth Recoil Spring (Armaspec) solving two issues with one part. You just have to figure out how much of your AR you want to customize. All are made in the USA.