AR Parts


If you want to make your current firearm or new build more accurate then there is no better place to start with the right AR Parts. The trigger is the first stop. Shooters for generations have known that if your rifle is not shooting accurately then replace the trigger to start with. Just doing this very simple upgrade can solve your issue and will shrink your previous groups. This of course assumes you currently have a factory heavy, gritty trigger requiring heavy finger pressure to touch it off. In general most off the self or factory production rifles rolex sky dweller 42mm m326934 0003 de los hombres esfera azul have triggers that function and are safe. But that does not mean it will give you the clean, crisp, constant break that you want for repetitive accuracy. There are exceptions that some rifles already come with good triggers, but most don’t.

Trigger Solutions

You have quite a few quality trigger upgrades choices right here. There are a dozen different manufactures of drop in triggers for the AR Platform. (Drop in meaning all the moving parts are contained in a housing.) Installing a Drop in Trigger is easy, they are self contained as opposed to a half a dozen small parts. They can cost anywhere from $100 to over $350 depending on make and model. Another less expensive option is to buy different springs for your current trigger that will lighten the pull. The trade off is that it will only fix one of the poor trigger issues and can lead to light primer strikes.

Brands of Triggers

The drop in triggers available can have different features that sets them apart from others. Some have special coatings, quick resets, curved or straight triggers. Velocity Trigger even has interchangeble shoes from curved to a straight. Then there is the quality and reasonable priced (JMT) James Madison Tactical Trigger. One of the companies know for a unique design is Elf Tactical offering triggers with aircraft grade sealed needle bearings. Another desirable hot in the market now for drop in triggers is Triggertech. Another major Trigger upgrade for you is the M-K2 from Wisconson Trigger a two stage match trigger. This trigger comes in parts and does not have a housing for drop in type but still very easy to install. They boast multiple world championships with this trigger. They have taken the old original design and improved it with different model offerings. We have all 3 brands and models here for you.

Choosing the Right Trigger

Another thing for you to think about when choosing a trigger is do you want a two stage or single stage trigger, quick reset, light pull? This depends on the type of shooting you do and personal preference. The single stage trigger (my personal preference) with little pressure will come quick to the wall before it breaks. The two stage trigger you will feel and increasing resistance as your finger approaches the wall before it breaks. I am not going much deeper into the workings of the AR triggers. I think this gives you a good idea of what you need to look for to fit your type of shooting. Basically the trigger helps keep everything consistent eliminating as many variables as possible when you break the shot.

Just One Example

I will give you a gross example. When I shoot my Bow with a 3 finger traditional hand release I can hit a pie plate at 20 yards consistently. But when I shoot my Bow using a mechanical release I can hit a silver dollar at 20 yards consistently. Same thing when shooting a firearm, you want to eliminate as many variables as possible every time maintaining consistent control when breaking the shot.


The heart of the Rifle most will tell you is the Barrel then the Bolt Carrier Group. We have many great choices of Barrels brands here for you, Satern, Liberty and Criterion Barrels. You will have to choose the twist rate, length, caliber, finish and whether you want a cut rifle barrel (more$) or a button rifled barrel. Some will argue the pros and cons but to keep it simple the difference is the process of putting rifling inside the barrel. Some say the button produces more stress on the barrel (a machine pushes or pulls a broach through the barrel displacing the metal leaving rifling grooves) and leaves sharper edge making it harder to clean the copper out and it collects copper quicker. But most of the barrel offered here are hand lapped which will negate any of those issues. As far as stress relief some manufactures use a treatment of cryogenic (placing barrels in a controlled environment at 300 degrees below zero for 24 hours) process with good results.

Barrel Choices

You can get a cut rifle but you will pay quite a bit extra for that. Their are two manufacturing processes for rifling barrels. You can either buy a cut or button rifled barrel. Both type of barrels can be capable of shooting scary accurate. Some claim the cut barrels will be less likely to clog up with copper and easier to clean. If you want to go super light and money is no object there are a few manufactures that offer Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrels. You have some very good choices of barrel brands here. They are Criterion Barrels, Liberty Barrels which is part of Satern Barrels and they offer Cut Barrels.

Installing Your Barrel

Disclaimer, this is not instructions on installing your barrel, just a tip. If you are going to install and seat your own barrel you might want to read up on bedding your barrel into your receiver with blue loctite. Some say you would only do this if you have a loose fit into the receiver. This is being done by a large number of do it yourself crowd. I know that there is still controversy among some. I have done this over a dozen times to my own rifles with impressive results. It is more evident when have a rifle that needs improvement. You should see a difference in the consistency with groups staying tight when the barrel heats up after a few rounds. Some are believers bedding barrels and some are not, for me it seems that I always have to try it myself before I am all in.

More Custom AR Parts

If you have been wanting to customize your MSR then Armaspec has a large selection of AR Parts for upgrade you may be looking for. Armaspec designs Battle Proof products to withstand the toughest challenges. Each product design goes through vigorous testing to ensure the highest quality. All of their products carry a life time warranty.


This is where it gets personal since your face is right up on your stock so you can see your sights or through your optic. We have some innovative company product offerings for you here. Luth-AR have several innovative product offerings, the MBA-3 series and their kits are some of them. They are fully adjustable including the comb for your cheek weld which is important for accurate shooting. You also should take a look at the Deadfoot Arms MCS folding stock if you want compact. The Armaspec XPDW Stock is another compact durable design should have your interest. Damage Industries are offered here with their mil-spec Stock Kits and many other parts.


We have a good selection of quality uppers as well as the popular Side Chargers by Eisenach Arms. Look at our complete uppers by X Products as well has their well known Can Cannon with the Grappling Hook. Luth-AR and Paper City Firearms have designed floating handguards worth your consideration if you want to “get a grip”.